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Sharing Information at Orthodox Christian Synergy Symposium

The "Nones" refers to a person who is unaffiliated with any organized religion. The term is from religion surveys in which "none of the above" is the last choice listed. Dr. Nathan A. Jacobs will share his insights about the worldview of the Nones and the opportunity that this growing demographic represents for Eastern Orthodox outreach.

In part 1 of his talk, Dr. Jacobs will dispel misconceptions about the Nones and share common patterns that appear across the worldviews of many Nones.

In part 2, Dr. Jacobs will turn his attention to why Eastern Orthodoxy has a considerable opportunity to connect with many Nones.

Drawing upon his own journey, Dr. Jacobs will highlights those aspects of Western Christianity that many Nones reject, and show that Eastern Orthodoxy is of like mind with the Nones in this rejection.

Martha and Mary Maternity House, along with many other worthwhile Orthodox Christian ministries, will be present to share information about our work!

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