Frequently-Asked Questions

Where is the Martha and Mary House located?

  • We are in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago, not far from O'Hare airport.
  • Our actual location is kept private, but our mailing address is:

Martha and Mary Maternity House
8926 North Greenwood Avenue #227
Niles, Illinois  60714

Must I be an Orthodox Christian to be a part of the House?

  • NO. We help all women, regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, social background or marital status.
  • However, as the only Orthodox-sponsored maternity home in the country, we are uniquely suited to help Orthodox Christian women in need. 

What does it cost to live in the Martha and Mary Maternity House?

  • There is no fee to live in the house, and we gladly provide for your basic needs while you reside with us.

What is life like in the House?

  • Living together as a family, we see the residents as our “daughters” and expect that they will participate in the life of the family home.  There are basic rules of the House that enable us to live and work together in harmony.
  • We pray together, study together, work and dine together, and we share home responsibilities. 
  • Daughters are expected to continue their education or career preparation or to work during the days.

What is expected of the House’s residents?

  • Our greatest expectations are honesty and willingness to work hard on your personal goals.  We are here to help you every step of the way!
  • Everyone abides by basic rules of the house, which are shared with everyone before they choose to become a part of our program.

Do I have to place my child for adoption if I live in the House?

  • We encourage moms to consider adoption as a courageous and selfless choice, but it is up to each mother to make either an adoption or a parenting plan.
  • To help with this decision, we provide parenting and adoption planning classes.

Can my other children come with me to live in the House? 

  • We truly do not wish to divide your family, but due to the rigorous program and space limitations, we can only house pregnant women and their newborns.
  • However, we work together with Safe Families for Children, an organization that can find loving, screened and approved families to care for your older children while you work to become self-sufficient during your pregnancy. 

Can I participate in the House if I am under 18?

  • We are able to accept adults only at this time, 18 and older.